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Anouk Asselineau

hobby welder

Poem by Juliette Beau Denes

Les ambiances sont les mêmes
Juste mon corps a changé
Un mur blanc et lisse juste humide d’une courte pluie,
un parfum,
une illusion travaillée de richesse chez un médecin que je ne peux pas
vraiment me payer et je
Serai soudainement prête à tout pour pouvoir m’acheter cette table
basse en verre teinté qui
meuble nonchalamment la salle d’attente.
Je me souviens avoir voulu devenir riche
Très riche


The atmospheres are the same
Just my body has changed
A smooth white wall just damp from a short rain,
a perfume,
a worked illusion of wealth in a doctor that I can't really afford and I
Will suddenly be ready to do anything to be able to buy myself this stained glass coffee table that
nonchalantly furnishes the waiting room.
I remember wanting to be rich
Very rich

Beng Yuenyong

Mount Meru and the Three

Mount Meru and the Three Realmsis Beng Yuenyong's first solo exhibition that will be hosted at P/////AKT in collaboration with Reneenee, Amsterdam. The show is scheduled from the 14th of January until the 19th of February 2023.

The title of the work refers to the sacred mountain in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology, it is the place where the three realms namely; earth, atmosphere and sky meet and the different planes of existence for mortals, spirits, demons and gods intersect.

During this exhibition Beng Yuenyong will be showing a sculptural installation, paintings and an animation. Like Mount Meru, this exhibition aims to be a site of intersection that combines three themes that are at the base of his artistic practice: religion, consumerism and science.


His artistic practice is driven by his research on changes in the iconography of the sublime throughout Western art history and changes in society caused by technological advancement and capitalism. Next to that he researches Thai religious objects and rituals related to Theravada Buddhism and its adaptation to capitalism and consumerism.

The works on show on the upper floor of P/////AKT will display the results of his research and production which started in 2019 up until now.

Untied Knots

9. sep Opening 18:00-21:00
10. sep 13:00-16:00
11. sep 13:00-16:00
17. sep 13:00-16:00
18. sep 13:00-16:00

Dear friends of Reneenee,
You are warmly invited to the group show “Untied Knots” with Mireille Tap, Eefje Stenfert and Feline Hjermind.

Graphic design: Hyo Young
Text: Romy Day Winkel


Home Cinema

Unreliable Narrators


Home Cinema: Unreliable Narrators, will be a three days screening between the 25th and the 27th of March 2022 in Reneenee, Amsterdam.

With works by:

Andrea Galano Toro, Carmen de la Roca, Caroline Ballegaard, Christopher Tym, Dario di Paolantonio, Frederique Pisuisse, Javier Cruz, Kévin Bray, Laura Dubourjal, Levi van Gelder, Oscar Juul-Sørensen, Alexander Benjamin Vinther and Verena Hahn.

Unreliable Narrators

Last year's global crisis (still ongoing) marked an exponential growth in relation to how we witness our lives through the screen. The ever changing reality we are experiencing, digestible only day by day, has brought to the foreground our chaotic memory as the only (unreliable) narrator we can trust. We are interested in works that explore the notion of subjective truths and their fragmented qualities. The speed in which we have documented our surroundings during last year's crisis has left us with a residue of poor images, low-quality documentation and an urgent necessity of communicating our indexical presence to the world.

Near, far, wherever you are, Home Cinema is an online video broadcast platform screening and archiving moving image works by young and emerging artists. What can we see together when we cannot see each other? Home Cinema will be periodically activated through collaborations and open calls.

Home Cinema is a project by Carmen Dusmet Carrasco and Andrea González Garrán, designed and developed with Lukas Engelhardt and supported by AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and The Medialab Sandberg Instituut.

I close my eyes to wish to see

Peter Schamaun

21.01.22 - 06.02.22

Reneenee presents a solo exhibition by Peter Schamaun. Peter will show a video next to new paintings and sculptures produced during the last year. Peter has in the past studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpt (BA, MA).
Through the exhibition, Peter Schauman is creating a metaverse, a space that shapes the architecture of his own time and space, as well as exploring the consequences of fictitious realities. From different places in terms of geography, situations, excited by similar themes that get embodied in various techniques and genres that use the hand as an artistic material. “I close my eyes to wish to see”, also exposes constants in a developing self centered society – that no matter how fast the innovations develop, people are still creatures of habit, and what we love the most are the things that we may not understand, but are used to.

“Forgotten, they might have stood there for years seeing nothing but the same, over and over again. The sun blinds me more then closing my eyes, so I look again, further away- what is behind the image that I see.
That is what I see.”