Exhibition space

Vijzelgracht 2a

Elia Castino - 30.9.2021
Coco Duivenvoorde - 8-9-10.10.2021
Peter Schamaun - 29.10.2021
Philip Coyne - 12.11.2021

(a household spirit)
it doesn’t sit, it doesn’t sink.

        It scatters. You
with the others discover your new tones;

        All wary -- yourself, the others expecting from you, or those watching

Reneenee welcomes you to the exhibition Hobgoblin, located in the former Maison Descartes. The entrance will be slightly different this time: the door will be open at Eerste Weteringdwarsstraat 107. There will be a sign at the entrance reading Reneenee.

Nolwenn Salaûn, Marius Mathisrud,
Kim Wawer, Kristoffer Zeiner

Sep 25–Oct 11, 2020
Open Thurs–Sun 1500–1900, and by appointment.