Exhibition space

Vijzelgracht 2a

Elia Castino - 30.9.2021
Coco Duivenvoorde - 8-9-10.10.2021
Peter Schamaun - 29.10.2021
Philip Coyne - 12.11.2021

How to live together?


Hosted by the project space Reneenee, the vacant and somewhat abandoned space of the former Maison Descartes was occupied for new temporary shapings. This ground was used for both a collective project as well as for  four independent projects/works made by each of the makers.
Through constellations of dance, movement, sound, and images we would like to share the creative process we went through living and working inside of this architecture during the residency period. The program hosts four live performances which include:

The Tiniest Act by Tamir Eting, performed by Donald Fleming and Charles Pas ; a solo research-presentation by Fernanda Libman;  Giulia Or Not by Carolina Papetti performed by Catarina Paiva and Jessica Matheson and Ingeborg Meier Andersen will be performing her work in progress ’STELLAROSA' alongside collaborator, performer, and cellist Peter Scherrebeck Hansen.; as well as a series of audiovisual works developed by the same makers in collaboration with Adele Grégoire and Rafael Romero Peña.
Dates and Time Table:
4-6th of June

The performances are divided into two groups:

Group A: Carolina Papetti & Fernanda Libman

Group B: Tamir Eting & Ingeborg Meier Andersen

The two groups will perform parallel to each other.

First Round:

15:00 Program starts
16:00-18:00 Performances, both groups.
18:30 End

Second round:

18:30 Program starts
19:30-21:30: Performances, both groups.
22:30 Thank you for coming!