Exhibition space

Vijzelgracht 2a

Philip Coyne - 20.11.2021 - 12.12.2021

Posters by Anouk Asselineau

I close my eyes to wish to see

Peter Schamaun

Opening: Postponed to January.
See you there!

Reneenee presents a solo exhibition by Peter Schamaun. Peter has in the past studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpt - fashion dep. (BA, MA) and worked for sevral years in the fashion industry. Before his studies Peter produced sculptures, drawings, video and paitings that later became a big part of his design practice. Today Peter is working mainly as an artist. 
Through the exhibition, Peter Schauman is creating a metaverse, a space that shapes the architecture of his own time and space, as well as exploring the consequences of fictitious realities. From different places in terms of geography, situations, excited by similar themes that get embodied in various techniques and genres that use the hand as an artistic material. “I close my eyes to wish to see”, also exposes constants in a developing self centered society – that no matter how fast the innovations develop, people are still creatures of habit, and what we love the most are the things that we may not understand, but are used to.

“Forgotten, they might have stood there for years seeing nothing but the same, over and over again. The sun blinds me more then closing my eyes, so I look again, further away- what is behind the image that I see.
That is what I see.”