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LaaLa La LaaaLa Laa A Moment and a Song

Elia Castino

The exhibition opening will be on September 30th, 18h-21h.

Vijzelgracht 2A, Amsterdam. Ring the door bell.

Reneenee is happy to present LaaLa La LaaaLa Laa A Moment and a Song, solo exhibition of Elia Castino.This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

friday 1/10/2021  16h-19h
saturday 2/10/2021  13h-16h
sunday 3/10/2021  13h-16h

friday 8/10/2021  16h-19h
saturday 9/10/2021  13h-16h
sunday 10/10/2021  13h-16h
or by appointment
LaaLa La LaaaLa Laa A Moment and a Song is a fabulation on the architecture of the everyday, on the mundane, simple rhythm of life. By processing ancestral knowledge and contemporary circumstances, the work takes shape as a scenario presenting another idea of inhabiting. It embodies the idea of home detached from the conventional patterns of the house, a home that goes beyond the confines of typologies and exists as pure moments in space.

Elia Castino is a Piedmontese artist with Neapolitan heart. Builder, farmer, poet and cinematographer of the cave, he lives in a stilt house on a mud island surrounded by a silver lake.