Exhibition space

Vijzelgracht 2a

Elia Castino - 30.9.2021
Coco Duivenvoorde - 8-9-10.10.2021
Peter Schamaun - 29.10.2021
Philip Coyne - 12.11.2021

Virtue and the City
Ivan Cheng, Aaro Murphy,
Kim Wawer, Kristoffer Zeiner

June 11-21, 2020
Thurs - Sun 1600-2000 and by appointment

Presented across spaces in the former Maison Descartes, this presentation holds four contributions which peel away from the temporalities and rhythms of the artist’s existing practice.
Appearing passive, the cosmopolitan body is permitted to become abstracted and fragmented. 

Common definition of ‘virtue’ rests in morality.

What moral standards should it be held to?

What now constitutes a centre, and have perceived shifts been cosmetic or structural?