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White Card Wardrobe Plot

Lars Nordby

August 13–22, Friday 16:00-19:00 -Saturday and Sunday 13:00-16:00, or by appointment. 

Reneenee is happy to present a solo exhibition by Lars Nordby, titled “White Card Wardrobe Plot”

Opening Friday 13.8 at 17:00-20:00. 

Vijzelgracht 2a. Ring the door bell.
The exhibition is based on found photomicrographs of geological matter. The photographs are mounted in frames made of concrete; a complimentary choice due to its mineralogical material. Some of the frames contain white garments with UV-printed black texts. The texts, written in different languages are excerpts from a collection of poems by Lars Nordby. They are inspired by Albert Camus' notion of the absurd and theatricality. The collection of poems titled “When the Stage Sets Collapse” accompanies the exhibition investigating photography as a medium caught up with our ambiguous and fragmented relationship to the natural world.

Lars Nordby (b.1988, Norway) lives and works in Hamar, Norway, and Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Nordby holds a BFA and MFA at the Oslo National Academy of Arts. Exhibitions Nordby has done include Dubious Chalk Circle at the Archeological Museum in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria (2019); King of Hearts, The Room Contemporary in Venice Italy (2019);Old Laughter and Synonyms for Actors at Rafael Mihaylov in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Nordby runs gallery Heerz Tooya ( in Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria, and is the director of the artist residency ARV.International ( in Vishovgrad in Bulgaria.